Loved and Supported Visualization

In the beginning of my live workshops it is my preference to provide a moment for visualization. For me, it helps to set the tone, energy, and mood of the workshop. Besides, helping others to tap into their dreams and follow through on the actions for success is what the workshop is all about. We won't get there, or rather it is more challenging to get there, if there is no vision.

The last visualization I wrote was for a group who was embarking on their passive income potential. The intention of this visualization is to fill you with love and support so that you feel confident and brave.

Enjoy! and feel free to share with others.

~You are an amazing being. From within and exuding out of you is a light that shines vibrantly. Your unique voice and point of view others need to hear. This special gift, that only you have, has been with you since conception.

You are the teacher of your gift. You are the voice. The knowledge and experience you have cultivated thus far is yours for the sharing. Can you list in your mind all of the gifts you have to share? When people come to you for advice, what help are they asking you for? Can you now think of all the ways you could share your gifts?

Others freely trust, love, and support you when you are in tune with your authentic self. You are trustworthy. You are loved. You are supported. So go ahead..Dream Big!

Others believe in you. Can you believe in you? What does that feel like? Knowing in your heart that everything is figureoutable are you able to trust yourself as others do? You are here to serve others. We are here to serve one another. Through our own unique experiences, using our own voices, and sharing our own special gifts.

You are resilient. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically resilient. Best part? This resilience is contagious. If when you are struggling to pull yourself back up others will reach out a loving and supportive hand.

You have the power to change your life, and by doing so, the lives of others.~

Now take a blank piece of paper and write out everything that came to mind while you were reading this. In no particular order, and in your own time, write it onto paper allowing for more mind space.

#visualization #love #support

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