Data was my first husband

Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by how things work. Processes, efficiency (with one exception=my bedroom closet), and the driver of all things…data. Even before I could fully see the tops of the keyboards in my favorite computer aisle at the local computer store I was fully reaching for that mouse to click around in things. And once I learned how to apply it to one computer, of course, I applied it to every computer in the aisle. The salespeople, they loved me.

When first learning to do my own laundry, I remember being frustrated that the top of the washer locked. I wanted to see how it was washing my clothes. What was the water to laundry soap ratio? Maybe I wanted to add less of something and more of something else. How hot was hot and how cold was cold water? What was the effect on my clothes, towels, sheets, agh! they are all different. Then I learned that I could simply put my finger or a pen into the little slot and watch the washer wash until my heart was content. In getting older I took an interest to the workings of my cars, the psycho analytics of commercials on TV and promotions on the radio, and reading people as individuals as well as groups. Honestly, I thought everyone had the same level of curiosity, the same will to understand all things, the same intention to master these things and teach or discuss with others your findings.

Now, I didn’t like math, but loved research. Went to college to sing honey! Not for business. Traveled the U.S.A. singing and/or working and in these travels realized not all places are like my home town. The people, the food, the attitude, the behavior, the fashion, the lingo. But no matter what the gig or job; my intuition always took me back Data. Letting people know what Data was telling them…whether they wanted to listen to me or not. Walking bravely into my adult life and realizing that in me there is, and always will be, quite an adoration for Data.

See, Data and I started off in more of a best friend relationship. He helped me make informed decisions, he provided the support for thoughtful predictions, but what really sealed the deal was when I realized everything has a system which lead data and I to this newfound sync. It was a beautiful partnership. And of course, we didn’t argue very much either because well…how do you argue with data? So things were quite peaceful between Data and I. Data reassured me that everything is figure-outable. This kept me warm at night and ready to embrace the day every morning.

As my career path grows so does my love for data. There in Data lies the answers that I need to build my business in a successfully managed way. I am grateful that Data gives me the insights to my clients and their needs before I even ask them one question. Data is the partner I look to when problems arise and solutions are in high demand. Data uniquely satisfies my curiosity and yet also leaves mysteries to be unfolded. And yes, at times Data overwhelms me, but we efficiently move through these challenges together. One byte at a time.

What do you love about Data? What are your challenges with Data? Is your relationship with Data a love story or a nightmare?

Let me know in the comments below.

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