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You have arrived here for a reason. Maybe you have seen me speak at a conference, attended one of my workshops, or heard of me from a very smart friend. No matter the reason, I am very glad you are here.

As it is in life, the tides of change flow freely in our businesses as well. And oftentimes surfing the web for the solutions we need to ride these tides can be quite overwhelming.  My hope is that you and I are at the start of a beautifully supportive relationship. Whether you find answers in my valuable online offerings or during a more personal engagement...no worries! Every challenge is figure-out-able. The intention is to provide the elemental weight needed to anchor your business as you shoot for the moon in your business.

What you can expect from me and my decades long work is analytical, data-driven, strategic solutions married to the practice of open + whole-hearted communication. I'll navigate the waters while you make it happen, Captain!

"I am not a businessman. I am a business, man."


All Aboard

You are ready and committed to making a life and business that you love. You have done the research and know where your profit treasure awaits. Is everything on board? What is the most direct route? 

Point of Sail

What is the angle between your business and current business culture. Are you stuck on which direction to take next? Here we work on propelling your business to it's next level of success.


Knowing the direction you want to take your business in is vital to your success. But is your business able to steady the course? How can you efficiently maximize all profit potentials right now?


The anchor could be the most important factor to your success. You, the Captain of this ship. The one that everyone goes to for answers and reassurance. How can you hinder the seasickness of life?



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